AI Smart Finance

Sharp Analysis, Smart Asset Management

It recommends smart consumption by accurately analyzing it with an AI-based accurate analysis system.

Manage your precious money wisely

Midas financial data analysis system supports smart management by analyzing your expenses sharply.

Big data of banking and payment and AI-based analysis system recommend smart spending.

Sharp analysis, valuable information

Midas manages and displays all of the user’s banking information, income information, and expenditure details.

You can also clearly understand your spending by categorizing your payments by seller, category, country, and item.

Midas who knows you better than you

Midas manages daily, weekly and monthly insights for in-depth analysis of your spending habits.

Take a closer look at your daily, weekly, and monthly financial progress, from banking, spending, payments and transactions to savings and donations.

Card security management

My precious assets, I can control them all. From card redemption, card freezing to spending limits, turn it on or off with a single tap.

Virtual card for online payment

Meet online-only virtual cards that allow you to change details only when you use them. For added safety, try secure online payments with a single-use card that refreshes details after the purchase is complete.

Instant payment notification

Instant notifications give you confidence that your payment has been successfully completed. See how much you’ve spent and get notifications about your daily totals.