Digital Wallet

One Platform, One Card!

Midas Digital Wallet integrates all your digital assets in a digital environment.
Midas Digital Wallet innovatively integrates various financial transaction media of various financial institutions with one card on one platform.

One platform

It integrates the platform functions of various financial institutions such as banks, credit card companies, mobile pay companies, and cryptocurrency exchanges into one.

The Midas One platform can handle the functions of multiple financial companies at once in one app. 

One card

Midas One Card can be used by integrating credit, check, and debit cards into one card by linking with a mobile wallet.

In addition, mobile pay, cryptocurrency, coupons, and membership cards can be conveniently used anytime, anywhere just like using a regular card.

Blockchain digital wallet

The Midas platform consists of a distributed ledger-based blockchain wallet.

The digital wallet is integrated with digital currency, general currency, and payment through the platform.

Digital currency payment

The Midas platform connects digital currency with a card in the backend system, so payments are made in a very simple way, just like existing credit and debit cards.

The platform supports not only cryptocurrencies but also CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies).