Blockchain Digital Asset

Beyond money

Safely store your digital assets in a blockchain wallet.
Buy the desired cryptocurrency with one click, and send digital assets easily and conveniently by QR code or phone number.

Cryptocurrency for beginners

Start very easy cryptocurrency trading linked to your account.

Purchase the desired cryptocurrency within the balance range of your account with one click and store it safely.

More than just exchanges

Cryptocurrency trading was too complicated and difficult, right? Don’t send money, authenticate, or provide a security number for cryptocurrency transactions.

Do it all at once in one app.

Instant digital currency transfer

In Midas, sending and receiving digital assets is as easy and fast as sending money.

Trade digital assets safely and conveniently with your Midas friends using QR codes, phone numbers, links, etc.

Store your own digital assets

Manage various digital assets such as NFTs as well as digital currencies in Midas.

Your digital assets are stored securely on the blockchain.

Blockchain safe transactions

Midas securely transacts and manages digital assets on the blockchain. Keep your assets safe in a trusted blockchain system.