Midas enables a truly digitally transformed financial system through cutting-edge technology. We aim for an intelligent analysis system through artificial intelligence and build an innovative system to realize peer-to-peer finance through distributed ledger-based blockchain technology.

Artificial intelligence learns and matches these asset information data and customer requirements data to provide more advanced intelligent digital services. 

Blockchain distributed ledger technology overcomes traditional limitations by implementing transactions without a third party. Through blockchain security and distributed ledger technology, we can overcome market limitations and implement innovative services differentiated from existing competitors.

Through blockchain technology, we improve the credibility of stakeholders in the market and implement secure digital asset transactions. We efficiently support innovative digital platforms for social communities and businesses through artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent industry

Artificial intelligence must be one of the most attention-grabbing technologies in the digital innovation society, and we are confident that we can create a more intelligent industry with artificial intelligence.

Sophisticated data analysis

Automated industrial innovation and segmented data analysis along with artificial intelligence can increase business efficiency and realize personalized and customized services for customers. Segmented data analysis data and personalized, refined information based on artificial intelligence accelerate the intelligence of industrial sophistication products, providing opportunities for customers and stakeholders to effectively acquire information and create the best business structure.

Machine learning

Key technological elements of artificial intelligence, such as data analysis through machine learning, artificial intelligence chatbots, and automatic text recognition systems, promote the advancement of the industry and intelligent business. Sophisticated extracts of data from deep learning and machine learning accompany industry-wide innovation through an in-depth digital platform to predict and prepare for future business behaviour.

AI Recommendation system

An artificial intelligence recommendation system is defined as suggesting the optimal information needed by users at the optimal time through artificial intelligence.

The AI ​​recommendation system of the Midas platform connects customers and stakeholders through algorithms such as on-demand matching and popularity filtering models.

AI Chatbot

Artificial intelligence chatbots are used throughout the Midas platform to support users’ activities.

Through natural language processing technology, users’ needs are identified and their needs met in the process of talking to them.

Basically, AI chatbots provide notifications about users’ activities and can input, modify, and output data with the user’s consent.

AI OCR system

The Midas platform easily and accurately digitizes the information of important documents such as contracts through artificial intelligence OCR.

Artificial intelligence OCR enables intelligent data capture that recognizes various types of documents and extracts data immediately with high accuracy through natural language processing and deep learning technology.


Distributed ledger and innovation

Blockchain is defined as a decentralized data storage technology that divides data into blocks, chains them together, and then replicates and stores them on multiple computers simultaneously. The ledger of the blockchain transaction is a direct transaction ledger without an accredited body, and the contents of the transaction are open to all participants. Blockchain technology based on distributed ledger revolutionizes digital technology in all areas of business.

Decentralized transactions

Transactions via blockchain allow individuals and individuals to transact directly without going through a third-party certification authority such as a bank. This type of transaction is called peer-to-peer. The biggest problem with peer-to-peer transactions so far has been the inability to trust the unknown parties connected, but blockchain transactions have revolutionized this problem.

Trustworthy transaction

Blockchain is a way of distributing this endorsement to network participants using a unique open algorithm. Therefore, blockchain is an innovative technology that enables transparent and efficient data sharing and management between transaction participants based on distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain identity 

Blockchain-based digital identity can create new opportunities for financial services such as financial transaction authentication, privacy protection and improved compliance of sharing customer information.

We leverage digital identity to enhance the security of digital financial services while providing a convenient authentication process.

Blockchain smart contract

Based on the blockchain smart contract, various types of contracts such as financial transactions, real estate contracts, and notarization can be concluded and executed.

By utilizing the digital stamping function of the blockchain, more trustworthy asset contracts can be realized.

Blockchain payment 

Blockchain-based digital payments can improve the efficiency of financial transactions by leveraging the value transfer capabilities of the distributed ledger to reduce transaction costs, remittance times, and payment times.

Blockchain digital payments can also use digital coins to create a new payment ecosystem. We present a blockchain system architecture that can efficiently execute complex transactions in buildings through blockchain digital payments.