Innovative Banking

Beyond digital banking

Not just money, Banking for all your digital assets. Experience innovative banking with Midas!

Convenient innovative banking

Instant, free, and always instant transfers between Midas friends around the world. Conveniently send and receive digital assets in currencies of various countries. Beyond money, handle all your digital assets in one platform

Various send and request options

Innovation Bank sends and receives digital assets in a variety of convenient ways. Find a phone number, send a payment link, or flash a QR code to make banking transactions easy and convenient.

Global payment

Midas can be linked with global payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. In conjunction with global mobile payment, pay both offline and online anywhere in the world

Feel free to share and pay

Enjoy a pleasant meal with your friends at a restaurant with Midas, then share and pay. You can pay bills for electricity and gas bills with your roommate very easily. Join the new payment culture with Midas.

Stylish Midas card

A premium card with a metal logo printed out of luxurious material, a blue card with a dynamic and strong design, and a pure and simple standard card. Choose your favourite sniper card.