About Us

Midas Digital believes that advanced technology transforms the activities of organizations and offers new value propositions. We are constantly challenging ourselves to innovate finance through artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Who we are

Midas Digital pursues the world’s first truly global financial platform for digital assets that goes beyond a banking app for money. We believe in the infinite possibilities of transformation through digital technology, and we aim for digital financial innovation with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. We challenge the innovation of finance that no one has tried before through new innovation and passion.

What we’ve done

Innovative financial business models

Midas implements an innovative financial platform for digital assets that goes beyond the concept of money by realizing the financial business of One Platform and One Card.

AI & Blockchain Implementation of a cutting-edge technology platform

Midas utilizes artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to safely manage customers’ digital assets to realize an intelligent financial concierge service.

Digital financial technology strategy intellectual property right application

Midas created a digital financial model that applied cutting-edge digital technology and applied for a technology strategy patent based on artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Vision & Value

Midas has a technology strategy vision that digital technology revolutionizes existing finance, opens new business markets, and creates various opportunities. We aim to create value in digital technologies and implement innovative processes based on the use of digital information and new technologies.

In modern society, business transactions through digital platforms are continuously increasing with the development of ICT and new technologies. In addition, digital transformation is starting innovatively in various industries as well as finance.

However, the current financial platform is limited to services that simply handle money, and is not focused on the management of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). In order to respond to changes in the new financial market, innovative digital transformation such as digital asset management, digital asset delivery, digital payment, and intelligent concierge through cutting-edge technology is required.

To solve this problem, Midas Digital implements an innovative financial integration platform based on one app and one card and implements an efficient digital financial platform that can be used conveniently by integrating digital cryptocurrency and digital assets beyond digital banking and payment.

In addition, we have created digital business models based on cutting-edge digital technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Midas enhances innovative transactions and security using distributed ledger technology of blockchain and realizes intelligent financial concierge service by utilizing artificial intelligence technology.


Digital business innovation

Digital technologies have changed how organisations are making business by enabling them to transform their activities and create innovative value propositions. We offer a range of opportunities to help you understand how to harness technology, manage its effects to gain a competitive advantage, open up new business markets, and streamline core organisational processes. Clients benefit from hands-on experience with the core technologies underlying modern digital business and develop knowledge to investigate the role and impact of information and technologies in modern organizations.

Creation of new digital value

Value creation is the primary goal of any business. Creating new value in the digital age is creating differentiated competitiveness along with emerging technologies. In a digital society, organizations are not just about driving innovation to meet their digital needs. Digital value creation implements innovative processes based on the use of digital information and emerging technologies, creating products and services with unique qualities that constitute the value customers desire.

Challenge as a global fintech digital company

We are committed to becoming a truly global digital finance leader and are based in London, UK, and Seoul, Korea, the heart of Fintech and Digital Finance.